May 4, 2019
May 4, 2019

2018 Event Committee

Our Portofino Derby Classic team is composed of Johnston Health Foundation Staff, Board Members and Community Leaders, committed to making this event a fun experience for all our attendees, while raising funds to make an impact in the lives of cancer patients in need in our community.

Mike Marvel Event Chair/ Sponsorships
Jim Lee

Event Vice Chair

Stewart McLeod Sponsors & Clayton Rotary Liaison
Amber Stancil

Event Experience

Nicole Layden Event Experience
Jason Wenzel Race Track Program
Pam Marvel VIP Jockey Club
Tammy McLeod VIP Jockey Club
Nana Myhand Security & Event Volunteers
Lauren Alford Publicity
Sandra Thompson Venue Host
Norwood Thompson Venue Host
Lisa Thompson Site Coordinator & Horse Attractions
Tammy Holt Race Track Betting & Drink Sales
Iris Green Drink Sales & Service
Lynn Daniels Event Promotions & Ticket Sales
Anna Duck Event Promotions & Ticket Sales
Terri Black Event Promotions & Ticket Sales
Linda Abbruscato-Zharoff   
Ajee Acosta  
Wendy Allen  
Andrea Breaseale-King  
Boo Carver  
David Cass  
Gale Cass  
Stacey D'Andraia  

Dee Darkes

Jessica Davis  
Brenda Heckel  
David Holt  
Elwanda Hyman-farrow  
Chris Kennedy  
Britini Lisk  
Sue Michener  
Lauren Ramsey  
Crystal Ann Reyes  
Kirk Russell  
Tom Schaffer  
Shannon Sellers  
Pam Snead  
Michelle Sproles  
Yvette Stansfield  
Phyllis Tew  
Joy Thomas  
Maria Trejo  
Britini Werling  
James Woodall  
Mabel Yelvington  
Sol Halliburton Johnston Health Foundation, Director
Amanda Johnson Johnston Health Foundation, Development Coordinator
Portia Garrett Johnston Health Foundation, Accountant
April Culver Johnston Health, VP of Planning & External Affairs
Kyle McDermott Johnston Health, VP of Support Services/ Clayton Site Administrator


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