May 2, 2020
May 2, 2020

2020 Event Committee

Our Portofino Derby Classic team is composed of Johnston Health Foundation Staff, Board Members and Community Leaders, committed to making this event a fun experience for all our attendees, while raising funds to make an impact in the lives of cancer patients in need in our community.

EVENT CHAIR  Mike Marvel
Sponsorships Mike Marvel, Sol Halliburton, Stewart McLeod
Clayton Rotary Club Liaison Stewart McLeod
In Kind Donations Team Lisa Moss, Brenda Heckel, Sol Halliburton
Event Signage  Jim Lee
Venue Hosts Norwood & Sandra Thompson
Site Prep, Coordination for attractions, manage parking and waste pick up team Lisa Thompson, Dawn McGibbon, Jeanne Miller
Pre-Event Ticket Sales Anna Duck, Lynn Soles, Carol Houston, Pam Snead, Brenda Heckel, Stewart McLeod
Pre-Event Promotions Pam Snead, Brenda Heckel
Pre-Event Set up Stewart McLeod, Kyle McDermott, Jim Lee, Pam & Joe Snead, Lauren Ramsey & Volunteers
Table and Site Refresh Team Lauren Ramsey & Volunteers
Event Day Traffic Flow & Parking Management Jim Lee, Kyle McDermott
Event Day Ticket Sales Portia Garrett, Lisa Moss, Maria Trejo & Volunteers
Volunteer Check In Team Brenda Heckel & Volunteers
Registration/Check In Tent (Site A) Amanda Johnson, Susan Watson, Anna Duck
Registration/Check In Satellite Station (Site B) Tammy Holt & SECU Volunteers
Red Carpet & Photo Opp Team Elwanda Hyman Farrow & AKA Volunteers
Red Carpet Photography Sarah Moore (c/o Janet Cooke)
Station & Mobile Greeters Andrea Breaseale-King & Volunteers
Tribute Wall Team Lynn Daniels & Volunteers
Kentucky Derby Ticket Station Amber Stancil, Season Wyatt, Melissa Bowman, Brent George
Jockey Club Team Pam Marvel, Tammy McLeod, Lauren Ramsey, Boo Carver
Race Track Team Tammy Holt & SECU Employees
Derby Fashion Contest & Live Auction Team Ian Rumbles, Terri Black, Nicole Layden, Nanda Jones
Race Announcer and Auctioneer Kirk Russell
Event Devices Joe Green
Drink Ticket Sales & Service Iris Green/Rachel Ayers & Volunteers
Silent Auction Team David & Gale Cass & Volunteers
Security JoCo Deputy Sheriffs
Post Event Take Down/Clean Up Team Stewart McLeod & Volunteers
Johnston Health Staff Support Sol Halliburton, Amanda Johnson, Portia Garrett, April Culver, Kyle McDermott


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